The Galaxy du Tapis

Restoration of old and contemporary rugs.
Free removal and delivery of your carpets to repair.

The Galaxy du Tapis has a carpet repair, carpet restoration and washing workshop (specialists in antique carpets, oriental carpets, Persian rugs, antique carpets, tapestries, soap makers). We are able to give a youth to your carpet, you will find your carpet in the original state. If you are interested in washing, maintaining or repairing your carpets, we are committed to providing you with a free quote at your request.

Galaxy International

Recognized internationally by the professional world of the restoration and sale of antique carpets, La Galaxy du Tapis is present on the European market, American and, especially in Iran (Tehran), United States (San Francisco, New York), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris, Coulommiers, Orgeval, Vélizy).

Carpet restoration service

We guarantee a restoration of your old carpet (washing and repair) in the most strict regulations, it means respecting the color pigments, relining, treatment and replacement fabrics’ fibers.

Achievement of breakpoints

Replenishment of selvedges

Make some fringes

Repairing holes, rips

Retramage and relaying

Laying the consolidation band

Lining the carpet with hand-stitched cotton canvas

The restoration of carpet colors, the restoration of colors

Tapestry chair repair

Our different structures

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The Carpet Galaxy Workshop
The Carpet Galaxy Workshop
The Carpet Galaxy Workshop
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Carpet supplier
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